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AB ADDO (ADDO Corporation) was founded in the early 20th century by the Agrell family in a small town called Malmoe, a town at the southernmost tip of Sweden and located on the coast facing the Danish capital of Copenhagen. ADDO had been famous in Europe for its unique products that optimized its specialty in mechanical technologies, such as the accumulator with an interlocking gear technique, robust paper tape punching mechanism utilizing high quality Swedish copper, and pin-method card reader that reads holes in plastic cards.

Lindeteves-Jacoberg N.V., a Dutch trading company, had been ADDO's sales agent in Japan since the early 1960s, and distributed ADDO's products including a mechanical accumulator, ADDO-X, the ADDO-X input and output machine added on the data input and output functions, a paper tape creating device, which was one of the main computer data input devices at that time, and the ADDO-Flex.

The ADDO-X input machine contributed partly to the automation of ticket issuing by what was then the Japan National Railways (current-day Japan Railways) through its ability to function as printers do today.

ADDO merged into Facit AB in 1966, yet the ADDO brand name survived through calculators, with some of its high-end calculators with high-speed printers still used in many banks and companies, especially in Japan. ADDO had aligned with what was then Hayakawa Electronics (current-day Sharp Corporation) in the early stages of the development of calculators. It established a close relationship with Sharp, which resulted in the use of the ADDO/Sharp brand in Northern Europe at one time in the past. The ADDO/Sharp tee mark is still displayed at the golf course in Aatvidaberg, where the Sharp Cup tournament is held every summer.

Inheriting the spirit of ADDO, our company was established in September 2001 with the aim of developing and manufacturing unique products combining mechanics and electronics, which would be able to tolerate being used in hard environmental conditions, such as production sites, as well as continuing to distribute Facit's products.