Company Name ADDO-Japan Corporation
Address Shin Edobashi Building 4F, 8-6 Nihonbashi Kobuna-cho Access
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0024 Japan
Phone +81(50)3823-1073
Fax +81(3)6369-4692
Official English Website
Official Japanese Website
Capital 15,000,000 yen
Representative Yukihisa Shitaya, Managing Director
Operation started October 1, 2001
Fiscal term December 31 (calendar year)
Business operations 1. Development, manufacture, import and export of numerical control devices and peripherals
2. Development, manufacture, import and export of computer devices and peripherals
3. Development, sales, import and export of software
4. Development and sales of new media systems
5. Sales of professional-use PCs for businesses