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USB Memory Compatible NC Satellite
ADDO N1068 (Ujiro)
ADDO N1068 is a portable Input/Output (I/O) device to input and output NC data to an NC device.
Uses USB memory (USB disc) to record media.
With easy operation by displaying interactive messages, permits input and output of NC data.
ADDO N1068

Key Features
●  USB memory (USB disc) compatible
●  With a general adapter, memory media including SD, miniSD, microSD, CF can be used
In case of a multi-media compatible adapter, this device complies only with the first drive
●  Easy operation with interactive message display
●  Compatible with subdirectory
This device registers the transmission parameter per directory for both route and subdirectory in a single directory of up to 511 entries Transmission parameter registered per directory is auto-loaded at directory migration
●  Wide range of transmission variations
Continuous file transmission, subprogram expansion transmission, repeat transmissions of identical files by Xon, turret punch (G50) compatible, ISO+Parity, etc.
●  Continuous transmissions by order of entry for up to 511 files
Transmission entry files can be created on a PC
●  Subprogram expansion transmission by M98P command,
●  Subprogram nesting allows for up to 8 duplications
●  File names and directory names can be input alphabetically
●  File auto-name function by incoming data
●  Various remote functions available to send and receive files just with NC/CNC operations (brother, FACIT, FANUC, MAZAK)
●  FAPT compatible
●  Date and time stamp
●  CE and FCC standards compatible
●  Compact body and mechanism suit use in plants
●  LCD display with backlight to light an internal USB-A connector

USB memory
(USB disc)
Primary Partition size of 4GB or less
File name: 8 digits, extension: 3 digits (alphanumeric)
Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 systems
Device memory RAM:512KB Flash-ROM:512KB
Date / time Battery embedded RTC equipped
Keyboard 11 function keys (10 numeric keys included)
Display LCD 16 digits X 4 lines, with backlight
Backlight saving mode available
Interface Serial V.24/RS232-C, 150 - 19,200bps
Dsub 9pin male connector, Dsub 25pin female connector
Protocol NC, Xon/Xoff (DC), Xon/Xoff, ready/busy
Code ISO, EIA, transparent (transparent mode)
Standard remote FANUC file management system (handy file compatible), FACIT remote
Optional remote Brother, MAZAK mazatrol (T1/M1, T2/M2, T32/M32)
Power Power source: DC 9-24V Power consumption: maximum 10VA
Models available among brother and FANUC to obtain power from PS232-C cable
Operation environment Operation temperature: 5 - 45°C, Operation humidity: 20-80%RH (no dewfall)
Others Dimensions: W126×H60×D220(mm) Weight: 0.96kg
AC adapter P:AC90V-240V, S:12V/3A, PSE Weight: 0.45kg

Mounting Holder

Adapter for DNC drive
This device can be equipped with a tape drive-capable NC without an I/O interface (RS232C) and operates the DNC drive from N1068.
It can switch between tape drive and DNC drive and is detachable through magnets.
* brother, FACIT, FANUC, MAZAK are either registered trademarks or trademarks.
* Device specifications may change without notice.

N1068 N1068 Transformation Kit N1068 brother remote N1065 N1060 F2008 N1068