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NC Satellite for USB Memory (Built-in Version)

N1065RM (left)/N1065OP (right)
ADDO N1065 is designed as the built-in version of N1068.
Mounted on the control panel of an NC device and connected to it, the N1065 can input and output NC data.
ADDO N1065

Key features
N1065 RM /N1065 OP (optional)
N1065 is comprised of an N1065 RM disc unit (see below) and an N1065 OP operation panel unit (optional).
Reading or writing is possible by controlling from a controller.
FANUC handy terminal compatibility
N1065 is instantly for use simply by switching devices as it is compatible with FANUC handy control protocol and has an adapter panel for mounting devices (see below).

N1065 RM
(Disc unit)
Equipped with the following: USB memory (for USB disc), bezel with USB-A connector, CPU board, power board, transmission interface
USB memory
(USB disc)
Primary Partition size of 4GB or less
File name: 8 digits, extension: 3 digits (alphanumeric)
Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 systems
Memory RAM:512KB Flash-ROM:512 KB
Date / time Battery embedded RTC equipped
Interface Serial V.24/RS232-C, 150 - 19,200bps
Dsub9 pin male connector, Dsub 25pin female connector
Dimensions Width: 126.0mm (frame width: 156mm)
Depth: 200.6mm (w/o frame thickness: 199mm)
Height: 60.0mm (frame height: 88mm)
Weight Approximately 1.13Kg
Power source use DC 10-24V
Power consumption Maximum 10VA
Operational environment Temperature: 5- 45°C Humidity:20-80%RH (no dewfall)
N1065 OP
(Operation panel unit)
LCD display panel and keyboard are included.
Keyboard 11 function keys (10 numeric keys included)
File name and directory name can be input aphabetically
Display LCD 16 digits×4 lines, with backlight
Sound Buzzer
Dimensions Width: 110.0mm (frame width: 140mm)
Depth: 27.8mm (w/o frame thickness: 25mm)
Height: 160.0mm (frame height: 190mm)
Weight 0.6Kg

Usage example
Usage example image
NC controller with N1065RM mounted
Simply by using the NC controller, NC data from USB memory connected to N1065RM can be read, and the processed data on NC memory can be recorded in the USB memory.
(Example: In case of FANUC)
NC needs FANUC remote (file control system).
Compatible with M98P・M198P and FAPT.

How to mount the device

* FANUC is a registered trademark.
* Device specifications may change without notice.

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