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ADDO N1060 is a portable Input/Output (I/O) device to input and output NC data to an NC device.
With easy operation by displaying interactive messages, NC data can be input or output.

ADDO N1060

Key features
●  Easy operation by displaying interactive messages
●  File name input alphabetically
●  Date and time stamp
●  Subprogram expansion by M98P command
●  Multi-volume function (with PG format)
●  File auto-name function by incoming data
●  Use of 3.5 inch highly compatible FD, compatible with the following formats: MS-DOS(2DD/2HD), PG(2HD)
●  File copying among different formats
●  Various remote features available including file transmission with NC/CNC operation alone
●  Flash-ROM adopted to allow for easy version upgrades
●  Wide rage of variations, repeated transmissions of the same file, schedule transmission, turret punch (G50) compatible, ISO+Parity, etc.
●  CE compatible, FCC compatible
●  Compact body, mechanism fit to plants
●  Nesting function up to 8 duplications
●  LCD display with backlight
●  Serial transmission of up to 214 files
●  FAPT compatible

Disc type 3.5 inch MS-DOS format  2DD/2HD
FANUC-PG format 2HD
Disc format 2DD: 720KB / 640 KB
2HD: 1.44MB
2HD: 1.22MB
Memory RAM:512KB Flash-ROM:512 KB
Date/time Clock, battery embedded
Keyboard 11 function keys (10 numeric keys included)
Available with alphabetical input for file names
Display LCD (with backlight) 16 digits X 4 digits
Interface Serial V.24/RS232C
DSUB9 pin male connector 150-19.2Kbps
Protocol Ready/busy, Xon/Xoff, Xon/Xoff (DC), NC
Code ISO,EIA transparent (transparent mode)
Standard remote FANUC file control system (handy file compatible)
Optional remote brother, HEIDENHAIN,MAZAK, Mazatrol (T1/M1,T2/M2,T32/M32)
Power source Used source:DC 9 - 24V, power consumption:maximum 10W, Available for brother and FANUC models obtaining power from a signal cable.
Operation environment Operation temperature: 5-45°C Operation humidity: 20-80%RH (no dewfall)
Other External dimensions: W126×H60×D220(mm), weight: 1.3kg
AC adapter 12V/3A AC100V-240V, weight: 0.45kg

Mounting Holder

Adapter for DNC drive DNC
This device can be equipped with a tape drive-capable NC without an I/O interface (RS232C) and operates the DNC drive from N1068.
It can switch between tape drive and DNC drive and is detachable through magnets
* brother, FACIT, FANUC, MAZAK are either registered trademarks or trademarks.
* Device specifications may change without notice.

N1068 N1068 Transformation Kit N1068 brother remote N1065 N1060 F2008 N1068