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F2008 Universal Information Terminal
A factory equipment operation system terminal that optimizes equipment and collects and accumulates operation information.

- Terminal for plant facility (including metal cutting machine tools and industrial machines)
operation surveillance system -
“Universal Information Terminal F2008” is now on sale

Product overview
The Universal Information Terminal (UIT) is designed to acquire and accumulate operation information to optimize plant facilities such as metal cutting machine tools and industrial machines, thus improving cost cash flow. Its Corporation takes charge of software development for the UIT, while ADDO Japan handles hardware development, production and sales.

Facility information this product can acquire includes digital signals (8 channels) and image information (composite video input). With 2 RS232C interface ports, barcode information can be input. Wireless LAN card can also be added as a factory option.

UIT can transmit information upon occurrence of various events through its digital input and video motion detection logic settings. UIT also allows users to verify a variety of information through a web browser. Such information can be sent to mobile phones or PDA devices as an optional feature. UIT’s various feature settings and version upgrade can be completed through a web browser. The XML-converted, acquired and accumulated information will be sent and stored through internet transmission technology (SOAP) to the server.

The following products are available as server software for using this terminal as a system.
1. System with machine surveillance/operation information/image monitoring functions by using web services (Web FINDER)
2. Data server product for cooperation with existing applications
Windows and Linux compatible operating systems

Product key features
1.  Adopted a method to keep a constant input current of 1.5mA within the polar-free input voltage range of up to the design maximum value at digital input. All 8 inputs are isolated from each other and completely independent. This enables easy connection to the detected signal.
2. Using a web browser, operation parameter settings and version upgrades can be done easily.
3. Capable of the following; respectively naming each digital input, reversing logic, and setting On-Delay/Off-Delay time
4. By combining the optional composite video input with a serial recording function and digital input trigger, video recorded for 30 seconds prior to the trigger can be verified.
5. A wireless LAN module can be mounted as an option.
6. Source selection is easy with a broad source voltage range (9V-30V) and constant power consumption (12VA).
7. Compact and with a light weight design robust enough for use in plants
Employing magnetic legs makes it easy to mount beside various devices for use.
8. Certified with FCC class A and CE

Digital input:

8 channels (photocoupler isolation)

Operation voltage : Input ON at 10V or above (≦35V) impressed
Input OFF at 5V or below
Operation current : Approximately 1.5mA constant despite input voltage
Input confirmation : Appropriate LED is lit during input ON
Connector : 4P x 8 (equip Molex43020-0400 or compatible type)
Operation setting : Normal and reverse settings available
ON-Delay, OFF-Delay settings available (0-999.9 sec)
Counter : Total counter and gate counter functions available
Video input:
1 dot
Video signal : 1Vp-p, NTSC, PAL, SECAM (setting switchable)
Connector : BNC (75Ω)
Encryption method : MPEG1, color, 30fps
Image size : CIF (320x240), QCIF ((60x120)
Image processing : 30 second serial recording by ring buffer, video and still image distribution via web
Operation setting : Recording trigger available with digital input with options set
Motion detection processing available in a discrete area within a 16-divided frame. Recording trigger available with the signal.
Wireless LAN:
Accepts CF card, Mini-PCI card, and external antenna type
IEEE802.11b or IEEE802.11g
Interface: RS232-C : 2 Ports (D-Sub9 Male)
Ethernet : 10/100BASE-T/TX (RJ-45)
RS485 : 1Port (use 1.9 pin of COM2 connector)
Source: Source voltage : DC10V~DC30V
Power consumption : 12VA or below (1.0A or below at 12V, 0.5A or below at 24V)
Connector : Coaxial type 1 and 6P (Molex5559-06P-210 and compatible type) 1
Operating environment: Operation temperature : 0°C-45°C
Operation humidity : 20%-90% (with no dew)
Other: External dimensions : W227mm×H183mm×D60mm (w/o magnets)
Weight : 980g (w/o magnets)
Material : Extruded aluminum material for housing, polycarbonate for top cover
Email transmission available with digital input or dependent on video motion detection logic setting. Transmission with server via SOAP. Please contact us for more details. SNTP compatible.

N1068 N1068 Transformation Kit N1068 brother remote N1065 N1060 F2008 N1068